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Concrete Application systems

If you look around you, you'll be amazed at the many applications in which our concrete elements are used. Together with our customers, we are working on exciting projects in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Germany: from public contracts to installations for industry, agriculture, garden landscaping, biogas, etc., all these projects have to meet the relevant quality requirements. Our aim is to provide you with good value for money in a product that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

  • Infra

Our various applications


Sleufsilowanden, Silo Couloir, Murs de Soutènement, L-Steine, CBS Beton, Landbouw, Sleufsilo

For the preservation of roughage in the agricultural sector, CBS Beton has developed a strong range of L, T and U-walls

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Infra and landscaping

Keerwanden, cbs beton, hoogteverschil, tuinen architectuur

Retaining walls and concrete elements for the infrastructure market

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keerwanden, murs de soutènement, U-wanden, Sleufsilo, Landbouw, CBS Beton

Biogas: a way to produce sustainable energy

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Covering systems for roughage

Easy Silage

Unique covering systems for roughage in trench silos from CBS Beton

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Recon walls

Recon Walls, betonnen structuurblokken, CBS Beton, hellingen, waterwegen,

Self-supporting or geogrid reinforced retaining walls

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specific applications


Concrete elements for specific applications

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Round storage tanks

Mestsilo, opslagtank, Biogastank; watertank, Betonnen mestsilo

Round storage tanks for manure storage, fermentation or as a water buffer.

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Moduloblokken, legioblokken, betonnen blokken, CBS beton

Flexible, fast and easy constructions with Modulobloc concrete blocks

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Head walls, winged head walls and gutters for water containment and drainage

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