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You’ll find our concrete families in virtually every sector of infrastructure or agriculture that has anything to do with construction (and beyond). We supply precast concrete elements and retaining walls of various types and sizes, both nationally and internationally.

You’ll find our concrete family in virtually every sector of the construction industry (and beyond):

  • groundwork
  • gardening
  • contractors
  • biogas
  • agriculture
  • silos
  • Modulobloc

Why use concrete retaining walls?

  • Dampening height differences
  • Bank reinforcement, Buffer basins and water basins
  • Loading and unloading docks
  • Ponds and swimming pools
  • Plants
  • Terrace construction
  • Fencing your site
  • Container parks
  • Infrastructure and environmental works
  • Parking lot construction
  • Bulk storage (lava, potting soil, bark, gravel, pruning waste, salt, fertilizer, sand, gravel, rubble, etc.)
  • Walls with added aesthetic value: stoneboxes, patterns in the wall, colored elements, etc. Rainwater collection and drainage
  • Farmyard paving
  • Storage of grass, corn, manure, animal feed, cereals, potatoes, etc.
  • Storage of raw materials for biogas processing
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We offer our customers all types of reinforcements in various sizes, both flat and folded. Reinforcements for precast concrete walls

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Modulobloc, flexible construction with concrete blocks. Modular blocks for stacking

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ReCon Walls

ReCon Walls are both self-supporting and geogrid reinforced retaining walls.

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Silage safe

Silage Safe offers a high-quality covering system for optimum protection of roughage.

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