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Sand/water separator

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The sand/water separator is the second stage of the mechanical treatment process in sewage treatment plants and is used to remove fine solid particles such as sand, pebbles and broken glass, as well as oil and grease from wastewater. The hinged action of the grate makes cleaning the separator very easy. Our separator can be used in combination with all our grated and concealed gutters.


VARIANT 1: open sand/water separator with cast iron street gully
VARIANT 2: sand/water trap with integrated odor trap

height x length x depth

81x49,5x49,5 cm

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There are 5 connection types.

- AT 1 - between two concealed gutters
- AT 2 - end pit, open left
- AT 3 - end pit, open right
- AT 4 - T type
- AT 5 - L type

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